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SPIN All in 1 Dishwasher Detergent Tablets

Made in Germany

Experience a new level of CLEAN and SHINE!
SPIN All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets are designed to provide highly effective cleaning to your dishes, removing the toughest residues and grease. SPIN Cares for your glass and gives a brilliant shine. Once you try SPIN, you will never settle for anything else!

SPIN Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Made in Germany

Experience the 4 Sparkle Actions!
SPIN Rinse Aid will give you the shiny glassware, cutlery and dishes you expect. SPIN Rinse Aid works by enhancing the rinsing action of your dishwasher. It prevents waterspots and aids in uniform drying of dishes. SPIN will leave your glassware, utensils and dishes with a brilliant shine. SPIN Rinse Aid comes in a 1000ml saver pack that is enough for 320 washes!

SPIN Dishwasher Cleaner

Made in Germany

Keeps your dishwasher Hygienic, Fresh and Well-maintained!

SPIN Dishwasher Cleaner is a special formula designed to remove grease, residues and odors from your dishwasher. Use SPIN once a month to keep your dishwasher hygienic, clean and in top condition.

ORO Special Dishwasher Salt

Made in Germany

Enhance the Cleaning and Shining Effect of your Dishwasher!
ORO Special Dishwasher Salt enhances the cleaning performance, fights water spots and protects your dishes and dishwasher from calcium deposits. ORO Special Dishwasher Salt is made in Germany and gives you purity you can trust!

SPIN Washing Machine Cleaner

Made in Germany

Clean Clothes Start with a Clean Washing Machine!
Washing machine accumulate residues from laundry, detergent and water. SPIN Washing Machine Cleaner has been specially designed to remove these residues keeping your washing machine clean, fresh and hygienic. SPIN works for top-load and front-load machines. It is recommend to use SPIN once monthly to keep your washing machine in top condition!

ORO 2 in 1 WC Flowers

Made in Germany

Keeps your WC clean and refreshes your bathroom with a fresh, young scent – All the time!
With our patented technology, ORO 2 in 1 WC cleaner, will keep your WC clean while given the whole bathroom a fresh scent. Enjoy the fruity scents and see the powerful cleaning effect of this wonderful product.

About Spin

SPIN is a leading German brand of innovative cleaning products. At SPIN we understand today’s busy lifestyles and we try to help by making smart products that work!

SPIN dishwasher care family consists of SPIN All in 1 dishwasher tablets, SPIN rinse aid, SPIN dishwasher cleaner and our Special Dishwasher Salt. We are famous for outstanding cleaning and for caring for your glass. SPIN covers all your dishwashing needs.

At SPIN we also researched and developed washing machine and dishwasher cleaners. These smart products are very effective and take care of the appliances that care for your dishes and laundry. With SPIN, your appliances will be hygienic, fresh and well-maintained.

Our focus is to make smart, innovative cleaning products that work! We will invent so you can focus on what matters most!

Distribution Opportunities

We will not rest until we get SPIN to every home and we are looking for distributors!

Our current expansion plans cover the Middle East and Africa regions. If you believe you have the capabilities and would like to partner with a fast-growing, vibrant company, then please send your details to spin@sensa.ae or fill out the form below.

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